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How PiezoWave Therapy Can Improve Your Hill DT Decompression Outcomes

As a chiropractor, your primary goal is to help your patients alleviate their pain and improve their overall health and well-being. Non-surgical spinal decompression is a highly effective treatment option for patients suffering from back and neck pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and other conditions that affect the spine. However, the effectiveness of non-surgical spinal decompression can be further enhanced by using the Wolf PiezoWave2 as a pre-treatment.

What's the Difference Between Traction and Spinal Decompression Therapy?

For many in the chiropractic field, there is often confusion on the difference between spinal traction therapy and spinal decompression therapy. The number one cause for this puzzlement is that most people, professionals and patients alike, don’t know that there even is a difference between the two.

Scientific research indicates that decompression works.


Chiropractic Economics (Vol.61, No. 4, March 13, 2015)

Measured Success, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Spinal Decompression Therapy
CONCLUSION: Of 815 patients receiving spinal decompression therapy a random selection revealed a 91% success rate” Davenport University 2015.