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Spinal Decompression Table

The Hill DT table employs sophisticated load sensor technology which constantly measures and monitors the treatment force and patient-resistance of every treatment.

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Piezo Wave 2

Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT) uses acoustic waves to target tissues at varying depths by compressing and manipulating the tissue, resulting in a focused, precise deep tissue massage. 

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DioWave Laser Therapy

High Dosage Laser Therapy (HDLT) from DIOWAVE™ offers a powerful new solution for numerous painful conditions previously refractive to traditional medical care.

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Therapy & Replacement Products and Marketing Tools

Browse through and order from our selection of replacement products, extra therapy products, and marketing tools. 

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See what other doctors are saying about the Hill DT Spinal Decompression table in our 2018 Survey results"

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