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Key Takeaways from the HillDT Clinical Outcome Survey


At HillDT, staying in touch with our customers is essential to what we do.

We want to make sure that we’re doing our best to provide the solutions that chiropractors and their patients need.

That’s why we conduct an annual customer survey to get feedback directly from the doctors that we help. This year, we asked questions specific to our HillDT spinal decompression table.

We want to share the results of that feedback with the public so you can see just how effective spinal decompression therapy is for the doctors we work with and the patients they treat.

What We Learned

Keep reading to learn about some of the feedback we got from our survey. If you want to get the whole report for yourself, just click below.

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Treatment Outcomes

“Does spinal decompression therapy work?” is a question we hear quite a bit.  AFter all, who would want to invest in the technology to perform an ineffective treatment.

We’ve found that it absolutely does work and our customers have found the same with 91% of our survey respondents reporting better patient outcomes with the HillDT table. In fact, more than 30% of respondents have had a better than 90% success rate.

Our customers said:

  • their patients have less pain
  • they are able to help patients that they would have had to refer out in the past, and
  • that patients are experiencing faster recovery and longer lasting results


One of the most frequent questions we get asked has to do with ROI. Of course, any business owner wants to know how quickly they’ll be able to make their money back on a piece of equipment.

Naturally, we were sure to ask about that and found that nearly 70% of respondents made their money back in less than two years with 20% seeing an ROI in less than six months!

Repeat Customers

91% of our customers survey say they would buy the HillDT table again today. While we’ll keep striving to make that number 100%, those results certainly show that the HillDT spinal decompression table is an effective tool for improving patient outcomes and growing your chiropractic practice.

The results above are just a sliver of the feedback we got. Be sure to download the full report below. 

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