Technology That Works

A spinal decompression table that works easier and better. 

Leading Edge Technology for Improved Outcomes

The HillDT combines the computing power of a Microsoft Surface Pro™ Tablet with painstakinginly developed practical chiropractic knowledge for a decompression table that's easy to use and more effective than cable-based tables. 

 The tablet's 16:9 widescreen, ClearType full HD display with 1080p resolution is touch-sensitive and can be navigated quickly using the tap of your finger. The Anti-Shock Hard Drive and 4 GB High Speed Memory provide more than ample power to run the custom designed Hill DT Software. 

Intuitive Controls

Eight touchscreen programmed presets make patient setup extremely efficient and comfortable for the patient. One touch will start a program, save a patient profile, or make custom adjustments to the treatment. 

Full adjustability of the table as well as the included software package makes the HillDT table ideal for all bodies and many types of pain. 

Custom Decompression Software

The Hill DT comes installed with its own custom software. With the ability to control and change the settings including table height, treatment program, pelvic or cervical angle, decompression force and treatment time, the Hill DT application is versatile enough to accomodate any treatment protocol.


Unmatched Features

The HillDT table includes a range of features that have been shown to improve patient outcomes and support a more robust practice, including: 

  • Single or dual treatment options
  • Preset treatment programs
  • Real-time streaming
  • Patient database & treatment history
  • Patient safety & audio signal
  • Remote updating & troubleshooting

The HillDT decompression table provides better patient results leading to increased doctor revenue.

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