Patient Outcome & Practice Revenue Planning


Concierge In-Office Training

It’s more than training, it's a whole new perspective.

As part of your Hill DT table purchase, we will send one of our HillDT leadership team doctors to your office. With years of experience teaching, diagnosing & treating patients in their respective practices, our doctors will bring you to the forefront of spinal decompression treatment profiting from our experts and quickly becoming proficient with spinal decompression treatment. To ensure you accomplish your goals we’ve gathered years of knowledge and created a comprehensive step-by-step plan for your patients, practice & financial success.


Virtual Training Online

Global training abilities without sacrificing expertise. 

Do you ever wish you could have a HillDT Spinal Decompression refresher course? Is it just too hard to get away from your busy practice?

Do you have CA’s and other staff that would benefit you if they were certified? We're now offering our HillDT Online Training Advantage!


What is included in your HillDT Online Training?

Learn why non-invasive spinal decompression is a great tool for healing the disc, taught by Randy Reed DC

  • Axial Decompression Primer
  • Find the Primary Pain Generator
  • Anatomy of the Disc and Understanding MRI Reports for Better Results
  • Nutritional Supplementation to Create Nutritional Inhibition of Biochemicals & Core Rehab
  • Decompression Protocols – Specific Contraindications

Learn how to successfully integrate your Hill DT/Evolution table into your practice, taught by Tim Burkhart DC

  • Patient commitment strategies
  • Table features and functions
  • Patient set-ups and treatment programs
  • Cash Practice – Pricing strategies
  • Business models for successful decompression practices
  • Video library on patient set-ups and helpful tips for CA’s
  • 5 primary reasons a person is a candidate for spinal decompression
  • Identifying & communicating with potential decompression patients
  • Trials & follow-up treatment plans
 Upon completion, you receive a HillDT Non-Surgical Axial Spinal Decompression Certificate.
"In a marketplace full of 'me too' slogans and overstated claims it is hard to differentiate true value.   The HillDT decompression system comprised of the DT table, training and support is a unique opportunity for the providers to take their practice to the next level.   Imagine a treasure chest full of documented successful treatment protocols, revenue building tools and staff development delivered in your office in a one day, one on one event."

Hill DT Solutions is a results based company…
by doctors for doctors.


Intuitive Controls that Empower

Lead by our team of MasterMind chiropractors with years of experience teaching, diagnosing & treating patients in their respective practices, Hill DT clients have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of spinal decompression treatment, profiting from our experts and quickly becoming proficient with spinal decompression treatment.

Hill DT Solutions is highly qualified and uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive package of sales, service and training in spinal decompression therapy to complement the unique advantages of the HillDT Table. HillDT Solutions is the sole authorized partner to advertise, sell and train for the Hill DT Table.

Fast, secure set-up = relaxed patients and happy staff

The Hill DT is easier to set up than other decompression tables, saving valuable time for your staff and stopping ‘Do-Overs’ often caused by the slipping belts of other designs. This makes for a relaxed atmosphere that’s more conducive to effective treatment. Eight touchscreen-controlled decompression presets make treatment selection simple for you with controls for entering and saving custom patient settings.

On-Site expert training means you hit the ground running

Expert training and certification is part of the Hill DT Spinal Decompression Package. HillDT docs are the best in the business, have years of experience and are passionate about decompression for their own patients and practice. Train with others at a central location or a HillDT Doctor will come to you. Afterwards, your support continues. Reach out to a HillDT Doc at anytime with questions through our concierge service.

Better outcomes means higher income

Referrals are the key to any growing practice and doctors treating with the Hill DT get more referrals because their patients get great results. This also means you get a faster and better return on your investment with the Hill DT. The Hill DT comes with Training and Certification and we provide several payment options for the Hill DT Decompression Table and accessories.

Key Advantages:

  • Eliminates financial risk
  • Training provided at your office
  • Profit quickly
  • Proven clinical outcomes

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